The legalities of getting local advertisers

If you’re planning to get direct local advertisers for your blog, without the help of a PR company or a blog advertising network… how are you going to issue receipts for the payment?

I’ve been doing this but I’m issuing ORs from my net cafe business and the local companies I’ve dealt with are okay with it.

But what if you don’t have a registered business and just a “freelancer”? And you want to be pro-active with your income and seek direct local advertisers?

It’s frustrating to go to the BIR to ask these questions because they don’t have answers with regards to “freelance” blog advertising endeavors, well at least that’s my experience on my end.

I know that you can still get contracts without the legal documents but I think it would be an advantage to have one because you can go after the really big brands.

What do you think? Share your thoughts please. Thanks!

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